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The adventurous spirit of our founder is a great source of pride and inspiration for all of us at GAURI KOHLI ®. Like many business success stories, ours begins there – with an entrepreneur, a necessity, a sense of adventure and a discovered passion. Through the years, GAURI KOHLI ®, a fair trade handicrafts business, has been about pure design made with uncompromising craftsmanship. Since the establishment of its business in 2012, Our founder Gauri Kohli has focused on its key strengths - design, innovation, exquisite detailing and quality workmanship. While the business has grown and evolved over the years, our mission remains the same of empowering rural artisan by providing them a platform to showcase their craftsmanship to a discerning global audience. 



We blend traditional handcrafting techniques with contemporary design in home decor & fashion to promote social uplift within artisan communities. Our products are crafted using traditional methods passed down through generations, by artisans who feel, as we do, that impeccable craftsmanship is the essence of value. We forge personal relationships with them & their families and contribute a portion of our total revenue to promoting health, education, and development projects across multiple locations within India. Our vision is to provide a sustainable global market for artisans while fostering entrepreneurship within their communities.


Sustainable Manufacturing: Everything we create at GAURI KOHLI ®begin with ethically sourced, finest materials, because we believe that the beautiful things you choose for your home today should bring you pleasure for many years to come. Our designs narrate an exquisite story and are a perfect blend of international and traditional patterns. Drawing inspiration from the entire design spectrum, our in-house designers, in collaboration with our artisans, create unique collections that help you express your personal style.


Marble Handicraft Exports from India


We believe that what makes a great product is not just the price, but the quality of its materials and craftsmanship. Each product has a story; from where its materials were gathered, to who constructed the item. Our team at GAURI KOHLI ® invests a lot of time and energy in curating and designing our products to finding grassroots artisans who handcraft each piece of our product range to sustainable materials and processes. From understanding global decor trends to exploring colors and materials, our creative yet methodical process ultimately presents our customers with only the best to choose from. The materials we use are ethically sourced and handpicked for quality, durability and attractiveness. From semiprecious stones like lapis lazuli used in marble handicrafts to fine grade camel bone used for decorative trays and furniture to pure metals used in brass statues, we keep a strict check from the start. Our competent team of field associates works alongside our artisans to maintain quality during the manufacturing process. After arriving at our facility, each curated piece is then screened for its level of craftsmanship and material standards. The products are then well packed and shipped to our warehouses around the world, ready to be dispatched and delivered to our discerning customers within a short span of time. 

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