Decorative Bowls

Decorating With Centerpiece Bowls

Create a stunning tablescape with elegant centerpiece bowls. Available in circular shapes or more abstract styles, a decorative bowl is the perfect addition to the dining room, living room and beyond. Use one as an decorative accent on dining tables, mantles, bookshelves, entryway consoles and more. Decorative marble centerpiece bowls are versatile pieces that gather whatever you need, be it food items or personal belongings. For example, gather apples and bananas in a decorative fruit basket or bowl, or place one by the door to hold your keys and wallet. Get creative: fill a coffee table bowl with stones, shells, mementos or flowers, or let the piece shine all on its own.

Decorative bowls for the coffee table are also a smart spot to put candy, nuts and other snacks you want to make available to guests. Want to dress one up for the holidays? Fill it with pinecones, potpourri, stems and branches, neutral-toned ball ornaments and other accents that seamlessly bridge the Christmas winter transition and look stylish for months to come. Whatever you want your centerpiece to hold, decorative glass bowls display it with maximum visibility. Marble bowl centerpieces also give a cohesive look to the table place setting when dining. Wood styles, meanwhile, lend a warmth to your space. Whether you opt for a marble centerpiece, wooden item or beyond, consider other pieces that enhance their look and complete the space. 

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