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Article: Styling a decorative tray for your beautiful homes

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Styling a decorative tray for your beautiful homes

Styling a tray can be a little tricky.  Here are a few great tips to help you style your own decorative tray!

Pull all possible items needed to style your tray.  The more items the better!  It's really a process of elimination.  You will need to play around with different pieces to start to see the layout come to life.  Once you know which items are the perfect starting point, you can start to layer in the other key ingredients, such as:  texture, color and accents.


This is where you can get a little creative.  A tray can be used in almost any space.  The expected areas are dining table, kitchen counter or coffee table.  But why not style a try for your guest bedroom with items that make them feel comfortable and welcomed.  Such as water, snacks, bathroom toiletries, magazines and more.  Or how about a cute bathroom tray that has decanters of mouthwash, bath salts and bars of soap, the possibilities are endless.  Another fun thought, try to use the same tray and style it for different seasons and holidays.  Maybe all you would have to do is change out the plant to a poinsettia and and fill a bowl full of Christmas could be that simple!


When selecting items, remember that all the items need to fit well on the tray, feel balanced and not too crowded.  You can choose to do a symmetrical or asymmetrical layout.  If you are doing a symmetrical layout, that means that you are balancing like items on the tray to make a great centerpiece.  Using matching items such as candles, plants or decorative bowls.  If choosing an asymmetrical layout, you would need to focus on staggering heights of your styling pieces and using different scaled items to make if visually interesting. 


This can be adding life with plants, flowers or fresh fruit.  Select a color that compliments the space it's in.  Sometimes it helps to have one piece that has all the colors of the space and that will be unifying element that ties everything together.  Then most likely, the accent colors can be pulled from that coordinated piece.  Texture is always a fun addition, whether its through mixed metals, natural elements, pottery or print fabric.  

Decorative bone inlay trays presented beautifully add rustic charm to any space in your home and office. 

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