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Placemats are useful for protecting your table from spills and stains, as well as making clean up easy at the end of the night. Most table placemats are made from materials, like wood, glass beads, plastic, stain-resistant fabrics, mother of pearl, that make it easy to clean after using. If you are eating dinner with your favorite tablecloth, then a table placemat helps to keep your table linens clean as well. Table placemats help to highlight your table settings, especially if you are using colorful plates, elegant flatware, and high-quality glasses. If you want to add glamour to each place setting, then consider adding a completer plate beneath each dish to catch extra spills. Before your guests arrive, place your table settings together so that you can make sure each item from the dessert spoon to the tablecloth complements one another.



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Table placemats are made from materials that are typically durable and stain resistant. Wood is a very popular option when it comes to placemats. Bamboo is the most popular wood because is both durable and eco-friendly. This renewable placemat is not only durable, but it is also inexpensive. Cotton, linen, and synthetic blends make for nice placemats because they are durable and relatively stain-resistant. The most stain resistant are the synthetic blends, which also happen to be the most affordable. Linen is great for a fine dining experience and cotton pairs well with a casual brunch or lunch. The natural fibers from both linen and cotton can give your home the right balance of simple elegance. Glass beaded placemats add sparkle to your table decor.

If you prefer function, then consider plastic or vinyl placemats. Plastic placemats are great because they are the easiest to clean. Most plastic placemats can be easily placed in the dishwasher after you are done eating. You can have a variety of placemats, from linen to plastic, for every occasion. Plastic and vinyl placemats are perfect for a casual lunch with friends. Be careful about placing hot items on top of plastic or vinyl placemats because extreme heat can alter their shape and appearance. Despite their susceptibility to heat, plastic works well at protecting your table from tough corners on plates, cups, and even accidental nicks from stray knives.

Aside from material, placemats have many different features that make them effective for preventing spills, stains, and other damages to your table or tablecloth. Aside from using placemats to pull together special occasions, like birthdays and seasonal holidays, they can also be used to prevent spills. The best table placemats have non-slip backing that makes them more stable on your table. This means that when you go to cut into your food, you won’t have to chase your plate and your placemat across the table. If you know that you like to serve warm food, then find heat-resistant placemats that won’t damage when exposed to extreme heat.

Table placemats are a great item to have in the house. You never know when they will come in handy for protecting your table or tablecloth and or as a nice decorative touch. At GAURI KOHLI ®, we try to make sure you always have many options for decoration your home. That's why we have placemats made of wide variety of materials like glass beads, coir, mother of pearl, cotton, jute and many more. All our placemats are handmade with love in India and delivered with speed from our handicraft warehouse in USA.

We love wholesale & bulk orders. All large orders are shipped directly from our 100% export oriented handicrafts unit in India to buyers all across the world. For all your bulk enquiries, please reach out to us at; trade@gaurikohli.com

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