Handmade Marble and Bone Inlay Table Lamps

Selecting a table lamp that is right for your room is important for both the lighting and overall decor of your home or office. Table lamps can help you add ambient lighting to your living space and complement your existing décor and accent setup. There are various sizes and heights to table lamps, so make sure you scale back your options based on your available space. You should consider the amount of additional lighting you need in the room. If you have a room with a lot of windows that gets natural outdoor sunlight, then less bed lamps may be needed in the room. If it's darker and there is less outdoor light coming in due to less windows, you could consider adding more to the room. A table lamp is a beautiful way to freshen up your existing décor and add new textures to your living space. Table lamps rest on all furniture types and can essentially go into any room in your home such as the living room, bedroom, study or office.

You can pair them in a living room near a mirror to create even more light in the home since the light will reflect off the mirror. If the room has lower ceilings, it makes them feel higher. Your bedroom lamp should match the bedroom furniture you already have. A nightstand lamp is a great addition for artificial lighting by the bed. You also might want to think of the color of your floor or rugs. For example, a white lamp in a room with lighter hues can fit into the room nicely. A tan colored rug could match a black lamp well too. You should avoid bolder colors if you don't want the table lamp to be too eye catching. For the bedroom, you're going to find a nightstand lamp most useful. To find the perfect table lamp for your office or bedroom lamp, consider where it will go in the office or bedroom.


Marble Bone Inlay Table Lamps from India


Bone inlay table lamps are both elegant and traditional. They can be added to your home to bring the beauty of stained glass into your home, while also enhancing the lighting. They make useful and functional side table lamps. These table lamps are marked by their signature Jodhpur bone inlay work and come in many attractive colors. Bone inlay lamp shades come in many different designs, including floral and geometrics patterns.

Marble table lamps add both lighting and style to your home décor and look great next to your bedside or in your favorite reading nook. Marble lamps make great living room lamps. They don't have to be big either. The stone style looks great as a bed lamp, but they're also super stylish in the living room as well. 

Brass bed lamps are a decorative décor option for your bedroom and are great for those who enjoy reading in bed. Your bedroom lamp should provide subtly ambient light, rather than a harsh and bright glow. You can achieve this lighting aesthetic by selecting bedroom lamps with dark shades or round or dome-shaped shades that help to absorb and disperse light. When selecting, make sure that the style and design of the side table lamp matches the colors you have already selected for your bedroom. Think about the color of the paint on the walls, the furniture, and other decor elements. Night table lamps can be placed in the bedroom on your nightstand to create a nightstand lamp, on the end table in the living room, or on a side table in the hallway.

Hurricane lamps are decorative and often hand-painted lamps that can add to the traditional décor of your home. Light emitted from hurricane lamps produces an elegant and soft glow in your home as they bounce off of crystals that often hang from the shade. The glass lamp shades on hurricane lamps sit on top of metal or marble bases that create an elegant aesthetic.

While looking for handmade lamps for the living room, you want to create cohesion. Since the living room is often one of the larger rooms in a home, a set of two or three table lamps allows you to spread them around the room on different accent tables. Sets are often the exact same lamps, so the decoration and shade color is the exact same. You can also find sets where the lamps are slightly different sizes. For example, one set might include a floor lamp for the corner of the living room and a smaller lamp for the end table next to the sofa.


Marble Bone Inlay Animal Horn Table Lamps


Our handmade table lamps are made in varied materials like marble, steel, brass, bone inlay, animal horn amongst others. Bone inlay is certainly a prime option and can add rustic charm to your room. In addition to that, you will find metal, ceramic, resin, crystal, wood, animal horn, glass beaded styles available on GAURI KOHLI®. Ceramic table lamps will often have a glossy look which is perfect for a room where you are trying to make the lamp standout a little more than other accents. A white table lamp is a great addition to a very colorful room. White table lamps can simplify and make a room more elegant and bright. White table lamps look great in all rooms of the house. The shade is also an important element to finding the perfect lighting. Dark shades will make your lighting feel dark, while lighter shades allow for more light to get through and brighten up your space. All our table and bedside lamps are handmade with love in India and delivered with speed from our warehouse in USA.

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